Predictive analytics

Identify failures and performance degradation with data modeling for individual assets and entire systems

Delivering on the promise of predictive analytics in distribution centers requires more than sensors, data and advanced technical acumen. Industry-specific expertise is the key to delivering a predictive analytics solution capable of addressing the unique challenges of automated material handling systems in distribution and fulfillment centers.

That’s why MHS Insights puts the company’s decades of experience in distribution centers to work in a predictive analytics solution designed specifically for automated material handling systems. MHS focuses on individual assets and the critical role each plays in overall system performance. Well-developed data models drive targeted insights for more effective maintenance, capital planning conversations and integration with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to provide the most value in the most efficient framework.

MHS Insights

Get ahead of potential issues and keep your operation in the fast lane.

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MHS draws near real-time information from automated equipment to drive targeted, data-driven insights that help provide the highest degree of uptime, streamlined maintenance activities and maximum return on automated material handling system investment.

System performance management

Get insights that prioritize action based on the critical nature of each asset for overall system performance, informing obsolescence and capital planning to maximize system throughput and efficiency.

Asset performance management

Trade daily physical inspections and generic maintenance guidelines for sensor-based reporting and equipment service based on data specific to each component for more effective, precise deployment of limited maintenance resources.

Real data example of an impending failure detection by MHS Insights followed by corrective action and a return to standard levels

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