Goods to Person

Handle massive order volumes with maximum labor efficiency

Today’s supply chains face an increasingly challenging labor climate, with industry growth far exceeding worker availability. This leads to high turnover and places a premium on maximizing the efficiency of that limited labor pool. For fulfillment centers pushed to serve high volumes of direct-to-consumer orders at high velocities, this starts with optimizing operators’ time and eliminating unproductive, low-value tasks.

In traditional operator-to-goods order fulfillment operations, time spent walking storage aisles can account for half an operator’s shift. Goods-to-operator workflows are flipped, sending inventory to operators and eliminating time spent traveling between pick locations, allowing operators to focus on picking more orders, more accurately.

Orchestrating such a warehouse automation solution requires a tightly integrated package of automated equipment, software, and order picking technologies to make the most of available space and labor. MHS has the workflow expertise, software capability, and integration experience to translate hypothetical benefit to tangible results, keeping operators engaged and creating adaptable systems to maximize long-term return on investment.

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